Insane Show 203 (Titties & Tacos)

The Insane Show 203 we welcome to the show Spencer Ray Selph from The Chosen for an interview and we have videos from Sons of Blackwater, Killus, Lights Over Bridgeport, Vipera, The GNine, Blackberry Wednesday, One True Reason, Hilltop Rats, Last Edition and Twelve Years Driven.

The Insane Show 203 is said and done, but if you’d like to be a guest on the show for a future episode, call the 24-hour hotline at 1-832-543-3314 and leave your info on how we contact you. You may also use record an audio message that may be used on the show. Send your video links to

The Insane Show 203 Order of Appearance

  1. Sons of Blackwater “Lavender” (Houston, Texas)
  2. Killus “Feel the Monster” (Villarreal , Spain)
  3. Lights Over Bridgeport “Automatic” (Chicago, Illinois)
  4. Vipera “Venom” (Torquay, United Kingdom)
  5. The GNine “Break” (Moscow, Russia)
  6. Blackberry Wednesday “Hay I” (Memphis, Tennessee)
  7. Interview with Spencer Ray Selph of The C.H.O.S.E.N
  8. One True Reason “Cold as Stone” (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  9. Hilltop Rats “Take it Back” (Tacoma, Washington)
  10. Last Edition “Baby’s Day Out” (Leicester, England)
  11. Twelve Years Driven “Devil’s Way” (Houston, Texas)