The Insane Show: #307 (Season 3, Episode 7)

The Insane Show 307 welcomes Jack Sorenson of Torrid Complex to the show for an exclusive interview and we have great videos from Madison Rising, Final Drive, A Broken Design, Salems Lott, Torrid Complex and Wormwitch.

The Insane Show 307 is said and done, but if you’d like to be a guest on the show for a future episode, call the 24-hour hotline at 1-832-543-3314 and leave your info on how we contact you. You may also use record an audio message that may be used on the show. Send your video links to

The Insane Show 307 Order of Appearance

  1. Madison Rising – “The Star Spangled Banner” – New York, New York
  2. Final Drive – “Just Got Paid” – St. Louis, Missouri
  3. A Broken Design – “Feel the Rage” – San Pawl il-Baħar, Malta
  4. Salems Lott – “S.S. (Sonic Shock)” – Los Angeles, California
  5. Interview with Jack Sorenson of Torrid Complex
  6. Torrid Complex – “Deception” – Conroe, Texas
  7. Wormwitch – “Coffin Birth” – Vancouver, B.C

More Info on Artists on The Insane Show 307

Madison Rising

Madison Rising is a hard-hitting rock band from the greater New York area. After gaining national acclaim for their rendition of The Star Spangled Banner they have toured around the world. Their energetic and dynamic sound brings together a blend of melody and heavy guitar riffs that induce deep feeling and meaning. The band has focused on honoring our troops and vets and is ready to take over the rock world! On the road all year long, this band is a force to be reckoned with and will win over any crowd they are put in front of.

Final Drive

Final Drive are Southern Groove Thrash Metal, otherwise referred to as FUCK YEAH METAL. The band is a heavy metal band from St.Louis, Missouri, delivering fast-paced, southern, groovy, thrashy auditory assault. If you like Pantera, Clutch, Slayer & AC/DC, you should love Final Drive. A singular focus on getting asses out of seats, the band brings to the stage an aggressive and precise attack of blunt force hell raisin’ beer drinkin’ Heavy Metal. After extensively touring on the DIY circuit and performing at over 200 venues this band is a live experience you do not want to miss.

A Broken Design

A Broken Design comes from the ashes of several Metal and Post Grunge bands, A Broken Design was born. Striving to bring a fresh perspective to the Stoner/Hard Rock genre. Straddling the lines of Stoner Rock, Grunge and good, old-fashioned rock and roll. The band boasts seasoned musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds, but the eclectic mix of influences inspire a common vision – catchy songs that deliver a heavy dose of flat out grooves and a taste of nostalgia for the days when music was raw and all about passion.

Salems Lott

Salems Lott is an American Shock Metal band formed in late 2013 in Hollywood, California. They are known for their high-energy and crowd pumping stage performances and an explosive new sound that captures the audience from start to finish. The band has played infamous Hollywood stages such as a sold-out show at The Roxy Theatre, a sold-out show at The House Of Blues, The Whisky A Go Go, SIR Studios and many more. The band is quickly climbing the ranks of the Los Angeles Rock Scene and is one of the most prominent live acts to see in Los Angeles.

Torrid Complex

Torrid Complex is an established heavy metal band from Conroe TX. Founded in 2011 by frontman Jack Sorenson, The band has made many strides. Members have come and gone, each leaving their mark and influence on what TCX has become. As 2014 came to a close we officiated our line up, cut a record, achieved many goals and set many more.

Now in 2016, we’ve set our sights on new horizons. Torrid Complex plans to continue to spread our brand of metal to every major market in Texas including Dallas, Ft Worth, Austin, San Antonio as well as markets outside of Texas. Our goal in 2016 is to become the favorite metal of the South! Building off of the success of our first studio album titled “Liberty or Death” and our newly released record “Stained By Hatred”, we intend to extend our reach to a national audience. Our group is solidified with founding member Jack Sorenson on vocals, Koury Snider on lead guitar, Scott Fishell on bass, Brandon Shairrick on drums, and Toby Graham rhythm guitar.