The Insane Show: #401 (Season 4, Episode 1)

The Insane Show 401 featured music videos from The Taking, Vern Daysel, Edge of Paradise, Beyond Oblivion, Chariots of the Gods, Vendetta Inc. and ZombieKing. The Insane Show 401 is part of Season 4 and is the 1st episode of the season.

The Insane Show 401 is said and done, but if you’d like to be a guest on the show for a future episode, call the 24-hour hotline at 1-832-543-3314 and leave your info on how we contact you. You may also use record an audio message that may be used on the show. Send your video links to

The Insane Show 401 Order of Appearance

  1. The Taking – “Dead Inside” – San Antonio, Texas
  2. Vern Daysel – “Light It Up” – Johannesburg, South Africa
  3. Edge of Paradise – “Shade of Crazy” – Calabasas, California
  4. Beyond Oblivion – “Chaos” – Houston, Texas
  5. Chariots of the Gods – “Tusk” – Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
  6. Vendetta Inc. – “Wretched Mind” – Budapest, Hungary
  7. ZombieKing – “Exit Life” – Corpus Christi, Texas

More Info on Artists on The Insane Show 401

The Taking

The Taking While many artists struggle for years without getting a deal of any type, The Taking latched on with JBM Management prior to the release of their first full-length album. JBM represents one of metal’s biggest bands since the turn of the century — Disturbed — along with Disturbed vocalist David Draiman’s secondary group Device. But it’s not like such a deal came on a silver platter. The Taking have earned what they received in a very short time.

How many bands can pull off such an accomplishment? Not many. But when JBM honcho T.J. Sagen received a call in Chicago from his brother in Los Angeles after he heard “The Bitter End” on the radio, it wasn’t long before Sagen saw the band live. Soon afterward, I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed. A few short months later, lasers were flying during The Taking’s February 2015 debut full-length and self-titled CD release party at Fitzgerald’s Bar in their hometown.

On the strength of first single “Never See Me Again” plus other standouts “Live For the Pain,” “Torn to Pieces,” “Get Some” and “We Rise,” The Taking demonstrate live that they are a force to be reckoned with. They cook up various ingredients of musical influences, sprinkle in large doses of metal, hard rock and electronica and mix them into one big pot. Whether they’re performing on a rooftop at SXSW or sharing the stage with the likes of Evanescence and 36 Crazyfists, The Taking’s passion is etched on their sweaty faces brought forth by energetic performances that have been known to leave fans breathless as well.

Vern Daysel

Vern Daysel is a South African singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist that performs his own brand of rock & roll.
Influenced by classic, southern, blues rock and outlaw country, his music can best be described as soulful rock & roll.

After more than a decade of countless live shows – including playing guitar and singing with tribute and cover bands, performing solo gigs and touring all over South Africa as a session guitarist and drummer for various local and international groups/artists, Daysel started working on his first solo album, “Shootin` the Breeze”.

“Shootin` The Breeze” is an organic, stripped-down rock & roll album that represents the culmination of years of dedication, experimentation and refinement.
Visceral and dynamic, the album`s 11 songs include an impressive range of perspectives, emotions and will fill every mood of your musical appetite.
Daysel`s songwriting and his raw, bluesy voice are seamlessly intertwined and inseparable.

Whether it’s in the studio or a live show, Vern Daysel delivers quality performances that stay true to the intent to what music is about.

Edge of Paradise

Edge of Paradise might be a new band, but when your debut album includes the rhythm section of bassist Tony Franklin (Blue Murder, The Firm) and drummer Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth Band), you know you’re already in great shape. Now add the powerhouse vocals of Margarita Monet and Dave Bates’ towering guitars and you have yourself a record essential to any fan of melodic metal.

Formed by Monet and Bates in 2011, Edge Of Paradise debut release ‘Mask’ (Co written with Robin Mc Auley ) that came at #6 most added on national CMJ radio, right behind Machine Head and Five Finger Death Punch. An album chock full of industrial-tinged metal coupled with soaring vocal hooks, was greatly received by critics and fans worldwide. Legendary Rock Interviews stated “Once in a while a new band comes along that not only has a unique sound of its’ own but draws upon all the things we love about metal or rock to begin with. Edge of Paradise are one of the best independent bands to come out of L.A. in some time.”

Edge Of Paradise has been gearing up for the new year with new music and big plans. The group immediately began writing to showcase the bands maturity and define the direction that was pre-empted by “Mask”. Working with legendary Michael Wagener on the mix of the songs and recording with grammy winning producer Bob Kulick (Kiss, Motorhead), the new songs will be a showcase for the staggering growth and maturity, achieved since the release of the “Mask”.

Edge Of Paradise knows how to bring it live. HardRockHaven stated, “Don’t be fooled by her angelic personality and beauty, Monet’s power and intensity will grab you by the neck and won’t let go until your head is blown off by her unearthly vocal range, hitting the notes most singers would not dare to attempt. Guitarist, Dave Bates is the epitome of sheer effortless virtuosity; this guy will make all guitar players either Idolize or hate him, as there are very few guitarists on this Earth that can shred like Bates.”

Beyond Oblivion

Beyond Oblivion‘s music is a mixture of influences from all types of rock/metal; ranging from the early 90’s to the new music of today. The genres which best describe us would be somewhere between post-hardcore and metalcore. We are just like everyone else. We wake up, get out of bed, and put our pants on one leg at a time. Except that, when we do it, we melt faces! Metal!!!!

Chariots of the Gods

Chariots of the Gods Riding out of Canada’s capital, Chariots of the Gods has one sole mission – to deliver straight up, balls-to-the-walls, in-your-face heavy metal. On the road since 2007, spreading its music to the masses, Chariots of the Gods has become known for blistering solos, gripping melodies, rioting vocals and drums that just won’t quit because, after all, that’s what it’s all about.

Having played with bands such as Misfits, Voivod, Despised Icon, Kataklysm, Blind Witness, Misery Index, Martyr, Fuck the Facts, Blackguard, Neuraxis, The Agonist, Reanimator and Insurrection; and released a debut EP, Reverence in 2010, and a first full length record Tides of War in 2013, produced by musical legend Glen Robinson (Queensryche, Gwar, Annihilator).
Chariots of the Gods is now back in the studio working on their second full-length record to be released this summer.

With new members on drums and vocals, the band’s second full-length album is going to bring back the hurricane storm of steel that gripped the metal scene.
Stronger than ever they will once again obliterate everything and leave only Pure; Heavy; Fuckin’; Metal.


ZombieKing is an American heavy metal band formed in Robstown, Texas in 2014. The four-piece includes: Eddie S (Lead/Rhythm Guitar), Javi M(Percussion), Juan M (Vocals), and Andrew G (Bass Guitar). Their unique style of music is a result of the many influences of the band such as Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pantera, etc. ZK is currently working to record and release their first EP while also playing at local venues in the South Texas area. Their goal: to continue to create the best music they possibly can and to infect the world with the ZK sound.