The Insane Show: #411 (Season 4, Episode 11)

On The Insane Show 411, we have independent music videos from Final Drive, Infected Rain, Corrington Wheeler, All for Nothing, Amongst Thieves, Bloodwork Salvation, Scarlet Canary, Pizza Tramp and Barb Wire Dolls. The Insane Show 411 is part of Season 4 and is the 11th episode of the season.

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The Insane Show 411 Order of Appearance

  1. Final Drive “Just Got Paid” – St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A
  2. All for Nothing “Twisted Tongues” – Rotterdam, Netherlands
  3. Infected Rain “At the Bottom of the Bottle ” – Chisinau, Moldova
  4. Corrington Wheeler – “Your Erroneous Evil” – Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
  5. Amongst Thieves “Alone” – York, United Kingdom
  6. Bloodwork Salvation “Amber Waters” – Wigan, United Kingdom
  7. Scarlet Canary “Antidote” – Denver, Colorado, U.S.A
  8. Pizza Tramp “Town Clown” – Caldicot, Wales, United Kingdom
  9. Barb Wire Dolls “Back in the USSA” Crete, Greece

More Info on Artists on The Insane Show 411

Final Drive

Final Drive are a Southern Groove Thrash Metal, Final Drive, a heavy metal band from St. Louis, Missouri, delivering fast-paced, high-energy, infectious auditory assault. If you like Pantera, Clutch, Slayer & AC/DC, you should love Final Drive. A singular focus on getting asses out of seats, Final Drive brings to the stage an aggressive and precise attack of blunt force hell raisin’ beer drinkin’ Heavy Metal. After extensively touring on the DIY circuit and performing at over 200 venues Final Drive is a live experience you do not want to miss.

All for Nothing

All for Nothing is a hardcore band from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They play high energetic hardcore songs with sing-a-long choruses, punishing beat-down passages and melodic riffs all based on various influences.

Amongst Thieves

Amongst Thieves is a five piece post-hardcore band from York, UK. Offering intense and hooky vengeful anthems, epic grandeur and crafty atmospheric moments. With giant soundscapes punctured by Josh Nash’s versatile vocal range.
After two successful EP releases with “Revise. Reform.” and “March For The Sun”, taking part in Slam Dunk Festival’s line-up and appearing on the pages of leading media institution that Rocksound is. The post-hardcore five-piece is once again on the verge of showing everyone how modern melodic, yet dynamic music should sound with the release of the band’s first self-titled album. The guys are getting prepared for a hectic row of gigs and tours that would hopefully help them make the next step, so you can be sure all of this is just the beginning of something very special.

Corrington Wheeler

Corrington Wheeler Corrington Wheeler is a solo Rock artist from Houston, Texas with a supporting band. His music draws influence from philosophy, western esotericism, and masonry.

Bloodwork Salvation

Bloodwork Salvation formed officially in late 2011 after drummer Nathan Kenny got tired of different projects being left for dead. After discussion with ex-vocalist of Epidemius and long-time friend Peter Leyland, the two decided to form their own project. They quickly recruited Kristian Unsworth on Guitar and Andy Crook on Bass and went under the name Ominator. Steven Scoular joined the band shortly after in Feb 2012 and the band quickly organized and played a handful of gigs around Wigan and Leigh before changing the band name to Bloodwork Salvation a few months later.

Scarlet Canary

Scarlet Canary has a recent release of their album ‘Arise’ the band has been doing just that, rising through the ranks of the regional music scene. Early tours in the Midwest with Stitched Up Heart and City of the Weak generated the momentum that culminated the band’s most recent headlining tour of the US. The Morning Wood Tour was the band’s headlining debut which took the band through 28 states 80+ shows and a showcase performance at South by Southwest. Going as far West as Los Angeles and as far east as the Carolina Coast. 24,000 miles in a van and over 514 hours of drive time has earned the band performances with Skillet, Saliva, Gemini Syndrome, Lita Ford, and many more.

Pizza Tramp

Pizza Tramp are a three-piece two chord thrash-punk crossover band from the hard streets of South Wales. Formed at the end of 2014, and specializing in one-minute blasts of horrible punk noise, they will be appearing in a toilet near you soon, so go and fucking watch them. Or book them for beer and fuel money.

Barb Wire Dolls

Barb Wire Dolls are one of the most vital new bands in music today, representing all that is inspiring and furious about rock and roll. Hailing from an artist commune on the island of Crete, the band sold everything they owned and left crisis-ridden Greece in 2010 for Los Angeles, at the invite of legendary KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer. Upon their arrival in California, Barb Wire Dolls immediately sold out the world famous Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, boasting a live show that is second to none. The band has gone on to melt ears & hearts on 700 stages across 24 countries in just under five years – consistently selling out club dates in America, the U.K., and Europe.