The Insane Show: #502

On The Insane Show #502 we welcome Downfall 2012 to the show for a video interview with Heather H-Bomb and we have independent music videos from Atlas Run, Dellacoma, Scarlet Canary, Downfall 2012 and Mezzanine.

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Order of Appearance

  1. Atlas Run “Home” – Glasgow, Scotland
  2. Dellacoma “Time Falls Away” – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  3. Scarlet Canary “Death of Rock and Roll” – Denver, Colorado U.S.A.
  4. Downfall 2012 “Face to Face” – Houston, Texas U.S.A.
  5. Downfall 2012 Interview – Houston, Texas U.S.A.
  6. Downfall 2012 “Face to Face” – Houston, Texas U.S.A.
  7. Mezzanine “No Turning Back” – Houston, Texas U.S.A.

More Info on Artists on this Episode

Atlas Run

Atlas Run Atlas Run are an Alternative/Indie Rock band who play heartfelt, infectious and energetic music. We launched in late summer 2016 and have since released two singles, our debut music video has over 10,000+ views and we have had extremely successful and well-recieved shows at King Tut’s, The Hug and Pint, Cottiers Theatre and many more. Our musical inspiration comes from life in Scotland and the love and heartache that brings. From childhood memories to partying long into the night in town, to friendships and relationships. This emotion is conveyed by our singer’s extremely touching vocals and our soaring guitar riffs.


Dellacoma is a brash, explosive and hard hitting rock n roll band working tirelessly to blaze a trail thru the current cookie-cutter world of mainstream music. With a relevant yet familiar sound, a relentless work ethic and an exotic yet somehow natural formation; this 4 piece outfit is primed and ready for action. Having already shared the stage with a slew of major acts they are pummelling their way around the world with their honest and raw songs and powerful stage presence.

Scarlet Canary

Scarlet Canary is always on time for load in and ready to throw down the band is fronted by the powerful vocals of Hannah Maddox which takes female fronted rock right up to the edge of metal. Deep driving toms and down-tuned guitars with riffs inspired by pop punk and metal core back Hannah’s hard rock driven vocals where it is not uncommon for her to scream at a climatic bridge.

Downfall 2012

Downfall 2012 is a 3-piece alternative metal/active rock band from Houston, TX. This trio has built a sound and stage show that leaves each city it ventures to with a lasting impression of just how diverse a rock show can be.