The Insane Show: #507

On The Insane Show #507 we have independent music videos from Ragdoll, Maid of Ace, Twelve Years Driven, Black Market Tragedy, Be Under Arms, Louise Distras, Demon Boy and Problem Child.

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Order of Appearance

  1. Ragdoll “Break You” – Perth, Australia
  2. Maid of Ace “Minimum Wage” – Hastings, United Kingdom
  3. Twelve Years Driven “If you Seek Hate” – Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
  4. Black Market Tragedy “Red Awaken” – Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
  5. Be Under Arms “Time of The Eternal Children” – Moscow, Russia
  6. Louise Distras “Aileen” – London, United Kingdom
  7. Demon Boy “My Coffin” – New York, New York, U.S.A
  8. Problem Child “Your Mother Would be Proud” – Stokes on Trent, United Kingdom

More Info on Artists on this Episode


Ragdoll is led by the powerhouse vocals of Ryan Rafferty and backed by the shredding guitars of Leon Todd and pounding drum grooves of Cam Barrett, ‘Back To Zero’ may tip its hat to the past but is a thoroughly modern record. Avoiding the genre’s cliche of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, ‘Back To Zero’ instead explores lyrical themes ranging from social media addiction (current single The World You Gave Us), technological alienation (Rewind Your Mind), domestic abuse (Letting Go) and the existential (Shine).

Twelve Years Driven

Twelve Years Driven is a rock/metal juggernaut with vocalist Robert Rice, guitarists Larry Gilstrap and Michael MacSherry, bassist Kris Wood, and drummer Chubbs Malone – not only know how to deliver the goods, but have the track record to prove it. With the band’s debut EP in 2012 and subsequent releases in 2013 and 2015, the band has continued to deliver the aggressive tracks that have gained them a rabid fan base from the start. With an unwavering “do it yourself” work ethic that has proven to be second to none, they have risen to the top and stayed there as others have come and gone.

Black Market Tragedy

Black Market Tragedy is a hard rock female fronted band with melodic melodies and powerful vocals. Sweet, yet sinister. Come feel the force that grabs you deep within!

Be Under Arms

Be Under Arms formed at the beginning of 2013 by vocalists Anna and Vladimir, EP “Way of the bullet” was immediately recorded, and then in September 2013 come out single «Panem et Circenses. In 2014 they released their first full-length album “Let shots will be your music”. The material undergoes some changes, and in April 2015 recorded EP “Locked and Bound”.

Their second full-length album Doomed To Life was released in March 2016. Style of Be Under Arms combines Groove Metal, Metalcore, Hardcore and Melodic death metal. The concept of the band represents a unique atmosphere of old westerns combined with steampunk and modern urbanized world. They are combined melodic and measured and intertwined with hurricane rhythms and heavy riffs. Male and female vocals complement each other and take us forward fury scorched prairies, where the hand can only handle a gun.

Louise Distras

Louise Distras was raised on a diet of Bob Dylan, Nirvana and the Sex Pistols, Louise Distras whips up a storm of passionate punk’n’roll, conjuring up a mix Kathleen Hanna and Roy Orbison as she channels her anger, hopes and fears into anthems of love and fury on her debut album ‘Dreams from the Factory Floor’.

Louise’s path from hardship to heartfelt anthems began when she ran away from home, aged 16. Armed with a guitar and the few chords she knew she decided to play music for anyone who’d listen. Her unshakeable belief that “Music can change the world” underlines her own story because it certainly changed hers.

In 2015, her debut LP ‘Dreams from the Factory Floor’ was released worldwide to critical acclaim. Produced by Steve Whale (The Business) and featuring Mick Talbot (Style Council) the album balances propulsive, old-school punk anthems with assertive, socially-aware folk-punk.

Last year Kerrang! named her a ‘Star of 2017’ saying “Louise Distras is the most exciting voice in UK punk right now!” She also performed solo at Glastonbury, Slam Dunk, 2000 Trees, and played shows with Billy Bragg, Frank Turner, and The King Blues.These days Louise has more than an acoustic guitar. Her new material now comes with the added dynamics of a full band. But she insists that the ethos remains the same – a focus on ‘nu-punk’ for the new generation.

Following her debut LP, Distras released hard-hitting new single ‘Aileen’ as an appetite-whetter for her soon-to-be-released sophomore album.
Driven by Distras’s hooky guitar melody and heated, hoarse-throated howl, “Aileen” blends a ‘60s British Invasion girl-group sound with more contemporary, crunchy power pop. The track received airplay on BBC Radio 1, Radio X and KROQ. The track also featured on the Hugs for Chelsea online benefit album for whistleblower Chelsea Manning. The compilation premiered on Rolling Stone, it also included tracks from Tom Morello, Thurston Moore and Against Me.

While the undeniable quality of Louise’s music stands her in good stead, her perceived status as a ‘protest singer’ is up for debate. “Growing up as a young working-class woman in a post-Thatcher era, these songs and poems reflect that environment,” she says. “The gatekeepers of the music industry have tried to call these protest songs, which is a label that I don’t understand because I’m just passing on my experience as a human being growing up in these apocalyptic conditions of unemployment and apathy. You have to wonder why someone simply speaking their mind is considered a protest in the first place.” You can be sure Louise will carry on saying what she thinks and feels in 2018, as she plays her part in what she describes as “the street revolution”. The artistic call to arms has begun, and from humble beginnings, Louise Distras is leading from the front!

Demon Boy

Demon Boy is the Latest Horror Rock Character who’s rapid independent success has proven that spectacle in Rock is not Dead! With a larger than life Image, Amazing on and off stage presence with a world-class killer band of musicians, Demon Boy is here to break the mold of mediocrity.Command of the stage and explosive high energy music have set Demon Boy apart from the rest, to see this band live will leave you exhausted and begging for more! Get immersed in the world that Demon Boy inhabits… you won’t regret it!