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Insane Show Season 2 episodes are all archived here in order of release for your enjoyment. Each features music videos from bands around the world and interviews with the bands you love.

Season 2

Insane Show 208 (Luscious Love Sponge)

On this episode of The Insane Show an interview with Jack Sorenson from Torrid Complex and great music videos from 5 Billion and Counting, Agony of Choice, 100 Watt Vipers, Crimena, Crowned Kings, Torrid Complex, Dark as Light, Fire Red Empire, Mezzanine, Midnight Siren and Society Kills.

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Season 2

Insane Show 207 (Hot Roxx & Wet Lips )

The Insane Show 207 we have videos from Strikeback, Heaven Asunder, Hydrilla, Silence is the Enemy, Will to Live, Overpower, 5 Billion and Counting, Chelsea Smile, Red Tiger, Dead in 5, Head Trip Superstar, Sculptress and Playground Circus.

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Season 2

Insane Show 206 (Because Boobs)

The Insane Show 206 we have videos from Final Drive, Cocaine Cowboys, Seldom, Psychostick, Up Against It, Dead in 5, Saturate, Hell in Town, Hidden Intent and Maid of Ace.

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Season 2

Insane Show 205 (Playin’ with the Kuchi)

The Insane Show 205 we have videos from Final Drive, Blood of an Outlaw, Light the Fire, Lykaion, The Valves, Theory of Noise, Blindspt, Sons of Blackwater, Cocaine Cowboys, Dead in 5, Up Against It and Character Assassins.

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Season 2

Insane Show 204 (Wetter is Better)

The Insane Show 204 we welcome to the show Monkeysoop and Twelve Years Driven for interviews and we have videos from Final Drive, Bob Gentry, Chainfist, Oppression, Calisus, Cirkus, Methanol, Spellbound Dazzle and The Protest.

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Season 2

Insane Show 203 (Titties & Tacos)

The Insane Show 203 we welcome to the show Spencer Ray Selph from The Chosen for an interview and we have videos from Sons of Blackwater, Killus, Lights Over Bridgeport, Vipera, The GNine, Blackberry Wednesday, One True Reason, Hilltop Rats, Last Edition and Twelve Years Driven.

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Season 2

Insane Show 202 (Want Some Butt Sex?)

The Insane Show 202 we welcome to the show Lisa PunkrPrincess from for an interview and we have videos from Hindsight, Inside Riot, From Ashes to New, Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs, Sons of Blackwater, The Roadside Bombs and Kara & the Dam Band.

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Season 2

Insane Show 201 (Making Sure MMXV ROXX)

The Insane Show 201 we have an interview with Ashley Worhol from Worhol and great music videos from Sunset Riot, Maid of Ace, August into Exile, Boyce, 100 Watt Vipers, Sons of Blackwater, Leona X, Worhol, Damn City, The Divides, Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs, Barb Wire Dolls and Samantha Scarlette.

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