InsaneFest 2014: The Movie

InsaneFest 2014 Movie captures the first year of InsaneFest and yet it was a success. The line-up totally kicked ass. The night was great and if you missed it, you can watch the 2 hours we captured on film right here and read up on what transpired on this great night for local music in Houston, Texas.

InsaneFest 2014 took place on June 28, 2014 at BFE Rock Club in Houston, Texas. An event put together to celebrate local music in Houston, Texas and get the performing artists paid for their time and talents like no other event does. After 30+ years in the music business, InsaneFest is the brain-child of Mister Insane who knows how hard it is to survive and be a musician in a band. InsaneFest was STREAMING LIVE! via Reach Down Radio at Remember, a city without local music, is a city without a soul.