InsaneFest is a Non-Profit Grass Roots Effort to Support Local Music in Houston, Texas

InsaneFest wasn't created to line the pockets of it's organizers. Coming from a long history within the music business as a musician and promoter, I saw the need for something different, something that could give back to the bands what is rightfully theirs and also entertain the fans in our great local music scene.

The Goals of InsaneFest

The first is most important to the fans. It get's them the most bang for the hard-earned money. The second is to make sure that the bands involved are paid for their time, talents and hard work gaining their biggest draw for the year. This second goal I believe is a huge motivational factor for bands. They know exactly what they are getting back. The InsaneFest team gives 100% of the door (the band is credited for) and ticket sales (the band is credited for) to the bands after the bills are paid for the night.

No Hidden Agenda

There is no hidden cost to the bands, there is no hidden agenda. Period! I personally have 30+ years of experience in the music business as a musician myself and know first-hand how hard it is to thrive within the music business. I have a career outside of the music business and have no need or desire to line my pockets with money that is taken from those who truly deserve it… the bands themselves.

A city without local music, is a city without a soul.

Mister Insane

I believe these things are the main reason why InsaneFest is so different compared to some other annual events. This isn't some award or voting contents to just help promote Insane Entertainment or The Insane Show brand name. It is a grass-roots effort to help the local music scene and the bands within it finance their projects and dreams. I hope to see you there!