InsaneFest is a Non-Profit Grass Roots Effort to Support Local Music in Houston, Texas

Coming from a long history within the music business as a musician and promoter, I saw the need for something different, something that could give back to the bands what is rightfully theirs and also entertain the fans in our great local music scene. Local bands struggle, often playing for free, sometimes they get paid, the latter is rare. Through the years of learning their instruments, taking lessons and the thousands of hours of practice, they entertain us.

Unknown to many music fans, these bands often are taken advantage of, especially when supporting national acts coming through on tours. Requiring pre-sale ticket selling where they hardly see any of the money from sold tickets. Sometimes they are lucky to see $2 from a $10 ticket sale, with the rest going to the nation act or pocketed by the promoter.

How We Arrived Where we are Today

The first ever InsaneFest took place in 2014, followed by InsaneFest 2015 and InsaneFest 2016 in the following years. In the weeks before InsaneFest 2016, the Houston music scene lost a very important and supportive member of the music scene in Karen Leyva. Karen lost her 2-year long battle with Cancer 2 weeks before InsaneFest 2016. Right then, it was decided that InsaneFest 2016 would become a night dedicated to remembering her and celebrating her life through music.

We skipped 2017, taking a little hiatus, fast-forwarding to 2018, InsaneFest became an annual music festival celebrating the life and memory of Karen Leyva. Her Husband, Allen Mesecke has given us his blessing in keeping her memory alive and celebrating her life and her incredible support for local music, especially here in the Houston area. InsaneFest 2016 was dedicated to Karen Leyva after she passed away. It only made sense that InsaneFest would continue in this endeavor and help in making sure that Karen is never forgotten. The official Facebook page is located at where you can keep up with progress on each years festival.

The Goals of InsaneFest

The goals of InsaneFest are simple. Making sure that each band is not only paid for their time and talents but providing the best opportunities to make InsaneFest is their largest paying and attended the local show of the year.

Although this is the main goal of InsaneFest it works hand-in-hand with our second goal which is entertaining attendees of InsaneFest with one of the best line-ups of talent each year.

We believe this main goal is a huge motivational factor for bands. Yes, they are still selling pre-sale tickets, however, they know exactly what they are getting back. The InsaneFest team gives 100% of the door (the band is credited for) and ticket sales (the band is credited for) to the bands after the bills are paid for the night.

No Hidden Agenda

There is no hidden cost to the bands, there is no hidden agenda. Period! I personally have 30+ years of experience in the music business as a musician myself and now first-hand how hard it is to thrive in the music business. I have a career outside of the music business and have no need or desire to line my pockets with money that is taken from those who truly deserve it… the bands themselves.

A city without local music, is a city without a soul.

Mister Insane

I believe these things are the main reason why InsaneFest is so different compared to some other annual events. This isn’t some award or voting contents to just help promote Insane Entertainment or The Insane Show brand name. It is a grass-roots effort to help the local music scene and the bands within it finance their projects and dreams. I hope to see you there!