InsaneFest 2015 is Done! This is what Happened and all the Guilty Parties

InsaneFest 2015 had the order of musical performances selected via a blind draw that took place at BFE Rock Club on June 4th. Although the show was originally on 2 stages, the outside stage performances was moved inside under threat of storms one week before.

Awaken the Siren originally part of the line-up broke up a few months before InsaneFest. Sons of Blackwater had to withdraw from the show due to Jack Nasty’s motorcycle accident, Hydrilla had to withdraw from the show due to a family emergency. Anchor Babies and Versa Nova had to withdraw from the show do to work related issues. This is one of the reason set times and line-up are always subject to last minute changes.

InsaneFest 2015 was dedicated to Jack Nasty of Sons of Blackwater and we also celebrated the birthdays of Jack Sorenson (Torrid Complex), Nina Vox (Tracing Over Evil) and Mister Insane (The Insane Show). Once again this years InsaneFest was STREAMING LIVE! via Reach Down Radio at


  • JUNE 20, 2015
  • TICKETS: $10 for 21+ / $15 for -21
  • AT DOOR: $12 for 21+ / $17 for -21


  • Worhol
  • Whiskey Fueled Death
  • Fear Control
  • Mezzanine
  • Torrid Complex
  • Twelve Years Driven
  • Dogz on Parole
  • Tracing Over Evil


  • Smoke Shack Louetta
  • The Life Support Project
  • Reach Down Radio
  • Purple Goat Vinyl Creations
  • The Insane Show

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