So you Want to Perform at InsaneFest?

InsaneFest is open to all performers who fit into the Metal & Hard Rock genres of music. Although we prefer bands located near Houston, Texas, we do consider all music artists and in the past had out of town acts perform at InsaneFest.

This year submissions are only being accepted for the opening and closings time slots. The rest of the time slots have been preselected to equal one hell of a night on both nights.

We hope new bands would be interested in performing at InsaneFest in these time slots, but if you are an established band and don’t mine being the opener or closer at a music festival, please feel free to submit to play.

The Following Nights and Time Slots are Available

  • Night 1 / Fri Oct 19 7PM Slot (Hard Rock)
  • Night 1 / Fri Oct 19 1AM Slot (Hard Rock)
  • Night 2 / Sat Oct 20 7PM Slot (Metal)
  • Night 2 / Sat Oct 20 1AM Slot (Metal)

The Not So Fine Print

By submitting to perform at InsaneFest you agree to provide one (1) still shot photo or one (1) Live! photo. You also agree to provide a high-resolution digital logo for use on all marketing materials. Failure to do so may stop you from playing at InsaneFest. We want this event to be a success. That means being able to promote all participants.

The primary contact will be required to check all members in at the door. Please arrive for the event no later than one (1) hour before your scheduled time-slot. IF YOU HAVE ANY MEMBERS THAT WILL NOT BE PRESENT AT THE TIME OF CHECK-IN, PLEASE NOTIFY US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We wish all performers and fans to arrive early and stay for the entire event to support all performers at InsaneFest.