Live! #81 – Pulse Rate Zero “The Trooper”

Closing footage from InsaneFest2016. The entire night was dedicated to Karen Leyva and what a better ending to the night to close it out with one of her favorite song dedicated to her memory and her fight against cancer. BFE Rock Club is located at 11528 Jones Rd, Houston, Texas 77070. The home of most of The Insane Show’s Live! footage.

Pulse Rate Zero on the Insane Show Live #81

Pulse Rate Zero was formed in early 2013 and has been running 100 miles an hour, sharing the stage with many National and International acts as well as done many independent tours of the eastern U.S. These talented musicians have been playing in Texas bands for a number of years. With backgrounds in many different styles of music and an arena-ready on-stage energy, they have combined all of this to make something that will blow you away on and off the stage!